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My right eye became blind due to diabetes at the age of 24 years. Laser was already done a year back. Doctors I had consulted earlier had told me I would not get my sight back even if I underwent surgery as it was a hopeless case. My last hope was Advanced Retina Care. Doctor operated me and now I can see better with my right eye. It was a miracle.

Veronica – Secunderabad

I had severe pain in my right eye with blurred vision for a month. I went to a local doctor who thought it was infection and put me on drops. My vision only got worse. I underwent CT scan of the brain to see if there was any other problem. Finally I was asked to meet Dr. Anina Abraham at Advanced Retina Care. She diagnosed me to have nodular posterior scleritis, a rare condition. She put me on tablets and within a week my pain was gone and my vision became 100% normal.

Uma Devi – Hyderabad

I had macular degeneration in both eyes and had undergone more than 9 injections in one eye at various hospitals. After going to Advanced Retina Care, doctor started a new type of treatment for me after which my condition has resolved fully. The bleeding under the retina stopped and my sight is back!

Laxmi K – Hyderabad

My father was diagnosed to have swelling in the retina and was advised many injections in the right eye. I went for a second opinion to Advanced Retina Care. The doctor examined thoroughly and also found out that my father also had very advanced glaucoma which was missed by all the previous doctors at big hospitals. I would recommend Advanced Retina Care very highly as enough time is spent with the patient and the best retina examination is done. I found this to be a very non-commercial hospital with an excellent doctor available to treat at all times.

Mary K – Hyderabad